KC fitness pro advocates changing the way we think and talk about health, body image

(June 30, 2013) Kansas City – With the publication of “Healthy Heart and Mind: It’s ALL a Practice,” author and yoga/fitness instructor Shanna Haun is introducing her “sane” approach to healthy living, a philosophy that promotes mindful choices, positive self-talk and an end to comparisons.

“Women frequently tell me they need to lose 10 pounds,” Haun says. “I ask them, ‘How would your life improve if you lost that weight? What’s your buy-in?’”

In the book, Haun suggests: • Let’s recognize and give ourselves credit for our strengths! • Let’s end the silent comparisons with other women! • Let’s wholeheartedly believe that perfection does not exist and is not the goal!

The public is invited to the book launch party for “Healthy Heart and Mind: It’s ALL a Practice” at 6:30 p.m. Sunday, June 30, at Lululemon Athletica, 4555 W. 119th St. in Leawood, Kan.

Haun also encourages people to review patterns regarding sleep, food, energy and activities, and to consider their personal motivation, their “currency.”

“I talk with people all the time who yearn for a healthier lifestyle and are struggling to find what works for them,” says Haun. “Just because someone has tried a thousand different diets and started or stopped an exercise routine a gazillion times does NOT mean they are quitters or failures. They just haven’t found the right motivation yet, their personal currency. With every experience, they are that much closer to figuring it out. It’s ALL a practice.”

Healthy Heart and Mind Shanna Haun, RYT, is a registered yoga teacher with a certification from Temple of Kriya Yoga in Chicago. She has been teaching yoga and fitness classes since 2005 with an emphasis on making them approachable and accessible to students of all levels. More information is available at Haun provides Shanna’s Health Map online as a free resource. “Healthy Heart and Mind: It’s ALL a Practice” is available on Amazon and via Haun’s websites.

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