I am not flexible and my balance is terrible. Can I still do ... ? Of course! It's ALL a practice! :-) You might not be able to touch your toes or easily balance on one foot but who cares?! You WILL be able to get stronger, increase your flexibility and feel better in your own skin, regardless of your current strength, flexibility or confidence with balance! And, to be more familiar with it all, please check out my "Yoga 101 Library" videos on YouTube. The channel offers more than just yoga! I have "Fitness 101 videos" and more!


What should I bring / use in class? For Yoga, a sticky mat is best. For your safety and stability, it is critical that your mat sticks to the floor and that you stick to your mat. For PiYo or any classes that we use the yoga wall or Pilates equipment, please bring "sticky" socks.


What should I wear? You will want to wear comfortable clothing but nothing should be overly baggy as that can also get in the way of your practice. If you wear shorts to class, please note that we often lay down and lift one or both legs up in the air to stretch the back of the legs. So, wear clothing that you'll feel comfortable to move around in and also not feel self-conscious. I also recommend that you practice yoga barefoot or with sticky socks. Smooth socks do not typically stick well to the mat.


Can I bring a water bottle? Absolutely!


Is it okay to eat before class? You don't ever want to feel light headed or nauseous. So, having a light meal a couple hours prior to class is typically recommended. Be hydrated.


How early should I get to class? What if I am running late? If you have a specific spot that you like, i.e., near a wall or in the back of the room, then I recommend arriving 10-15 minutes before class begins. If you are running late, please come anyway. Just come into the room and set up your space as quietly as possible. Some practice is better than no practice. Adults' lives are unpredictable and it is when you need it most that it will be hardest to get to class. Come anyway! :-)


What if I need to leave class early? Please let me know before class starts just so I know that you are okay and won't worry. Try to set yourself up near the door. Please exit prior to our final meditation (not during). Leave your props where they are and then leave as quietly as possible. I will clean and put your props away after class. No worries! :-)


What about cell phones? I want your presence to be in the moment as much as possible. I am also a wife, parent, daughter, etc. and understand that it may be necessary to keep your phone on vibrate near your mat. If so, please don't check it unless absolutely necessary - for your sake as well as all those around you. We all deserve dedicated time to our health and peace of mind. I know I always return home nicer than when I left. :-)


I have a different question, what is the quickest way to get in touch with you? I would love to hear from you! Please message me anytime at Shanna@healthyheartandmind.com